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Shanghai Coolyoung Machine Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd

Shanghai Coolyoung Machine Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd set up in year of 2010 and mainly research design manufacture sale and service for carton packing machine, box packing machine, Mask making and packing machine line.

We have main advantages:

·     Cam: surface treatment with oxygen nitriding and Aiko technology can keep the cam from deformation for ten years.

·     The main electrical parts are Siemens or Mitsubishi products (PLC, touch screen, frequency converter)

·    The detection system adopts German sick, Shenshi, Omron.

·     The main pneumatic components are German FESTO products.

·     Vacuum system is imported from Taiwan and SMC products.

·     All PLC will reserve 5 points to connect data to MES or ERP system later.

·     Each part of koolyoung has a number, which not only facilitates scientific management of the company, but also ensures accurate, fast and accurate matching of customer's later maintenance equipment and replacement parts.

·     In any process of processing, processing and assembly, Coolyoung surface treated parts shall strictly control the accuracy and avoid surface abrasion and scratches as much as possible. For example, each part will be wrapped with newspaper one by one after surface treatment.

·     Koolyoung positioning is a high-quality equipment, each part will be carefully polished before assembly, and most parts will be grinded by grinder to ensure the stability of equipment operation and reduce the noise of equipment operation

·     Special customer service department to ensure timely service

·     Strong technical force (3 senior engineers and 8 full-time technicians). Most of Coolyoung's technical team design, assembly and after-sales personnel have more than 10 years of working experience in the packing industry.



Address:1189 Guoshun Road, Fengxian 

District, Shanghai

Contact person: Amanda Qi

Phone: 0086-13020150688

QQ: 564538261

E-mail: xiongxianjun@cool-young.com


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