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Professional Carton Case Packer with Erector

  • 1 set
  • Shanghai, China
  • 200 Set/Year
  • L/C, T/T, D/P, Western Union
  • Cartons
  • Metal
  • Wooden Case
  • metal
  • China
  • 8422303090
  • Automatic
  • Cleaning, Detergent, Cosmetics, Drinks, Skin Care Products, Dairy Products, Hair Care Products, Oil, Tea, Vegetable, Fruit, Snack, Seasoning
  • Carton Packing Machine
  • Filling, Seal, Cartoner
  • Pneumatic
  • Metal
KY-900ZX Master carton packing machine (can be customized) :

Professional Carton Case Packer with Erector

  1. The vertical cartoning machine was designed for installation downstream of the packaging line, but also as an independent unit. The pick & place ensures fast and accurate picking of products arriving from the loading conveyor belt and precise box filling. Different types of products can be processed. They can be manufactured using different configurations inside the box according to the request, and the box itself can have various dimensions, the product arrival station, product picking and box opening are compact. Construction is roust, but at the same time they are all 'separable' to allow the operator full access. Having filled the boxes, they are pushed towards the exit and the machine closes the flaps and tapes the 'pads'. Options available, hot glue.
  2. Finally, a cartoning machine with all the automatic and automated adjustments.

  1. The strengths of the vertical cartoning machine are:
  2. Compactnes, reduced size, high speed up to 20boxes/minute with multiple pick & place.
  3. Automated adjustments.
  4. Fast format change, easy access to the parts to adjust, movements on the dovetail guides and recirculating ball slides.
  5. Siemens management PLC.

Professional Carton Case Packer with Erector
Automatic case erector
The case erector forms perfectly rectangular cartons, guaranteeing a trouble-free packaging process.

Professional Carton Case Packer with Erector
Filling from the top. Filling is carried out automatically by a system that picks the products and deposits them inside the box. The picking system varies based on the type of product.

Professional Carton Case Packer with Erector
Products are placed on the feeding belt that bring it to the filling zone.

Professional Carton Case Packer with Erector
Automatic case closer
The case closer automatically folds the top case flaps and closes them with tape.

No. Name Value
1 Output 5-20 carton/min. according to the size, number and arrangement of packing objects, the form of combination.
2 Carton size L460 * W380 * H260mm
Special spec. can be customized
3 Arrangement form Such as the 5 row * 5colum *4 layer
4 Packing product size L(30-580) *W(25-450) * H(20-350)mm
5 Transmission height of front end equipment 850mm
6 Packing range Medical box special machine
7 A door, window, cover Plexiglas
8 Equipment material Main frame carbon steel baking paint, contact parts with packing box adopts SUS304
9 Total power supply Less than 8KW
10 Single machine power 5KW
11 Air consumption 800 liters/points
12 Gas pressure 0.7MPa
13 Weight Less than 1.2 tons
14 Mainframe size
(connection part is not included)
L4100 * W2350 * H2300 mm
15 Working voltage 380V/50HZ

Professional Carton Case Packer with Erector

Professional Carton Case Packer with Erector


Professional Carton Case Packer with Erector



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