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Matters needing attention during the installation of the mask machine

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1. Before transporting the mask machine, you must first loosen the horizontal adjustment screw located at the bottom of the machine.

2. When assembling parts assembled when the mask machine is packed, it must be assembled according to the marks made during disassembly.

3. The mask machine is placed in a proper position. When it needs to be fixed, please adjust the level adjustment screw to make the machine reach the level state. Remove the fixed ropes for transportation from the equipment.

4. Before using the mask machine, use the ACV file of the power meter to check whether the power supply voltage matches the machine's use voltage (AC220V, 50/60Hz, 1phase) and is stable. The power supply can only be connected if it is consistent and stable. system.

5. The mask machine must be grounded to prevent electric leakage from hurting people. After the power is turned on, you must first use an electric pen to test whether the cable and the machine are live, to prevent leakage caused by the damaged cable during transportation.

6. When checking or repairing the strap mask machine, it must be stopped to prevent accidents.

7. Keep the inside and outside of the strap mask machine tidy, clean and free of debris.

8. The moving parts such as sprockets and chain cutter clamps are high-risk areas. Do not touch or try to adjust these areas when the machine is running. It is easy to be crushed or cut.

9. The ultrasonic vibrator of the mask machine has high voltage: Do not touch this part with your hands to avoid electric shock and burns.

10. Cooling fan: Do not touch the fan when it rotates.

11. Non-professionals or maintenance personnel of electric box and ultrasonic system, please do not open. To avoid electric shock!



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