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Carton sealing machine working process

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In the process of carton sealing machine, in addition to high requirements for packaging materials, the operator also needs to have skilled and correct operation methods. Including working voltage, air pressure, key function, charging method, etc., there must be a series of specifications. Share some precautions with everyone on the necessary knowledge of carton sealing machine.

Use special pneumatic oil, and its concentration must not be too large. This can effectively prevent the air pressure circuit from being blocked or malfunctioning. Check whether the amount of oil is enough at any time; the water filter cup must keep the amount of water at all times and drain at a timely time. The amount of water is discharged in time. The drainage time should be guaranteed at least once a week. Don't forget it; in the maintenance of the pneumatic components of the unpacking machine, the cleaning of the air source is a problem that must be paid attention to, so maintaining the cleanliness of the air source is the most important thing in the maintenance. Set the parameters according to the regulations and provide sufficient air source to ensure the operation of the unpacking machine components. At the same time, it can effectively avoid abnormal wear and tear of parts of the unpacking machine.



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